Monday, June 23, 2014

Do Not Buy from! EVER!

DON'T buy coffee from Gevalia - They sent a debt collector after I paid $21.43 twice & sent proof of one of the cancelled checks. They credited someone else's acct, would not own the mistake for six months, finally did own the mistake, and then told ME to cancel the collection notices coming at me from their agency. It took almost a year for me to throw my hands up over the $21.43 and call an attorney to stop all the harassment coming from Gevalia and their debt collector. I paid it, I have the cancelled check, but Gevalia credited someone else, and then refused to stop harassing me. I've never encountered such terrible and stupid customer service IN MY LIFE.

I paid this bill in October 2013, and again in March 2014. On the March cancelled check I noticed someone crossed out my account number and inked in a totally different one. I sent a copy of that check in every single correspondance with Gevalia, but only encountered sheer stupidity in return. North Shore is their collection agency.

This is email number 9 from them on this same subject. I was a great and very constant customer with Gevalia since 2004. Now, I want to ruin them in return for driving up my blood pressure to the point where I am on three separate BP medications:


Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Our records show your last payment was made on 06/06/14. The last paid amount is : $21.43. At this time, we show your outstanding balance is now with Northshore. We ask that you please contact Northshore for further assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope this information has been helpful. Thanks again for reaching out.

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