Tuesday, October 10, 2006

To our perfumista friends who know Sleepycats

Sleepycats is in the hospital having a stem cell transplant (bone marrow transplant) right this minute. She is having the heavy blasts of chemo to prep her blood, and tomorrow morning at 9:30am Eastern time she will receive her stem cells. This treatment for her multiple myeloma is very difficult and sickening, and she's having a hard time of it. She spent all last night throwing up from her first blast of chemo. Her sickness will worsen until from next Sunday through next Friday we have been told will be an absolutel horror. Then... gradual lessening, to tolerable conditions. Hopefully these stem cells will find their way into her bone marrow and make a home there, and produce good cancer-free bone-marrow producing blood for her in a short time. This is not a trival process! There is a 10% fatality risk.

I am asking you to take a minute and send blessings and positive thoughts to Sleepycats in a hospital in Philadelphia. She needs your love.

Thanks!! Much love, L