Thursday, June 23, 2005

Angel Violet

Angel violet was created by Francoise Caron(Aimez Moi). It went on me this morning very similar to Angel in subtle green, patchouli and chocolate notes. The violet note seemed like a sweet (but not candylike) topnote to me.

However, as the morning progresses, I'm finding that it becomes a 100% incense perfume. The notes have combined to become churchy - no, make that Cathedral. There is no coldness to this incense. But the combination of notes has created a warm incense accord, not smoky but very comforting, peaceful, and evocative of sitting in a church pew on a warm day with the sunlight streaming in through high decorated windows.

Because the perfume is so well blended, the patchouli and violet have both subsumed themselves into the major accord, with an undertone of chocolate and an overtone of incense.