Sunday, July 08, 2007

Perfumes I'm wearing this summer

It's so hard to choose a summer perfume! There are the soft vanillas, the heady florals, the comforting ambers... and the refreshing greens. I've run amok. Here is what I'm wearing and I have yet to figure out why:
Bois d'Iris (Different Company)
Heroine (Strange Invisible Perfumes)
Chanel no. 19 (Chanel)
Luctor et Emergo (People of the Labyrinths)
Silver Crystal Amouage (Amouage)
Wild Thing (Rich Hippie)
Rose (Comme de Garcons)

What? you say - where's the very Italian Carthusia Mediterraneo, the refreshing Vanille Orange, the sunny-dry Gobin-Daudes!! I've lost my mind. Next thing you know I'll be wearing something that smells like cake. White cake with pink icing. LOL Just shoot me now.

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eula_w said...

My goodness! I will keep an eye out for some of that summer scents- sounds amazing.

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