Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Perfumes

Outdoor temperatures yesterday reached 100 degrees, and today it's in the 90's. I'm working in an office environment but the air conditioner is always shut off at 5pm and everyone works until at least 6. Sometimes during the day the a/c seems to be off and the fans on, and everyone just sort of melts into their chairs, passion and energy replaced by grumpiness, which is a shame...... because they're losing consciousness.....

So I've been playing with my perfumes. Do I wear Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Alla Fresca, and stay green and fresh all day? Or how about something flowery and refreshing, like Creed's La Fleur de The Rose Bulgarie, a staple that stays in my purse. I tried Isabey Gardenia, a very heady gardenia that is so smooth and creamy it turms my slight sweat into pearls of greenhouse incense. What to wear in the dog days of summer?

In the '80's I would have worn Angel had it been in production LOL. Sometimes I still look at it, and sniff the bottle, and long for it. But I want to keep my co-workers on my bright side so I won't do it hahahaha. A soft gourmand from Bed Bath and Beyond might be nice, and I have often considered wearing just the whipped buttercream frost body cream - but I always stop short, thinking of the mosquito frenzy that would ensue.

Chanel No 5 extreme is stunning, as you probably already know. I think this is a perfume that can take the sun blasting heat, and enclosed airless office, and still remain fresh and good. I've never irritated anyone by wearing it, and in fact it's always awarded compliments. But to get up in the morning when it's 80 degrees and muggy, and think of Chanel - it's hard. Cringe. As beautiful as it is, it's sweet and sweet doesn't always appeal to me in the miserable heat.

I don't have to tell you that for me, the churchy perfumes are out in this weather. So are the sticky buns cinnamon pumpkin parfait sugar wafer diabetic death ones. Uber sweet will make me queasy.

So what do I wear? Those of you who know me already know the answer: POTL. I wear People of the Labyrinths Luctor et Emergo body cream and/or parfum. It's sweet grasses, hay, marzipan, and marachino cherries, in a lovely drydown that is incensy and bright/summery. This is my *everything* perfume.

I also find myself reaching for Amouage Silver Cristal. This perfume is no longer in commerce so I won't go into detail, but it does have some similarities with Chanel 19. Silver Cristal is green and desert dry, with undertones of moroccan roses and sandalwood. Men love it and for me, it goes everywhere.

I wore San (Ruby, a limited edition) the other day and it was pretty good! A goth parfum, in my opinion, it's rose based with notes that are dressy and gothic. It was perfect for a summer evening out.

What are your *extremely hot* summar perfumes - and why?


deleted said...

I wear the lighter part of my collection. La Chasse (my staple), JM Orange Blossom, Cabotine body lotion (it`s strong enough), Omnia (the way it melds intomy skin remnds me of Parfum Sacre, but Parfum Sacre would kill me in heat), sometimes Cabaret (it`s surprisingly wearable in summer,roses and incense and abstract woods create quite a cool scent. this reminds me that I must try Passage d`Enfer again).

When it`s really, really hot, I can wear only light citrus colognes - my faves are 4711 and Guerlain Eau Imperiale.

careerlady (on said...

benvenuta!! Sooooo good to see you. Parfum Sacre yes, too much incense for the hotter days. I have not tried Cabaret but thanks for the suggestions and I will try Passage d'enfer again myself. I know so many people who adore la Chasse but I think I haven't given it a good try. Next time I'm at Aedes I'll get a sample. HUGS sweetie!!

deleted said...

You should try Cabaret, it`s a wonderful woody rose scent. I much prefer the edt. Plus the bottle is gorgeous!

careerlady (on said...

I'm on it benvenuta!! *mwah*

katiedid said...

Second the Cabaret - though I prefer the edp :)

POTL in summer, ay? Huh. Interesting. I like Versace's The Dreamer lately. What else? Hm. Been wearing Jacinthe et Rose in the triple digit heat, and you know... it works so much better than when it's cold out in this heat. Weird. Been wearing Cumming a lot. Such a cool wet earth scent, I gotta have it around. Arabie, too - it only works on me in the summer anyhow, though I can't stand even the thought of it once the thermometer hits 90F. I've been missing spice this summer though... I've dabbed on Artemisia's Lavender and Clove which works good in the summer, and today I whipped out Pecksniff's Naughty which is working wonderfully for me. I can't remember what else at the moment - too hot to think!

careerlady (on said...

Katie I have not tried Cumming. the name put me off way back when so I never sampled it. I like the idea of a cool wet earth scent and maybe will break down and sample it. For cool wet earth scents I wear L'Artisan Voleurs de Roses (patchouli and rose) but that's best in spring IMO, patch is a little strong for high humidity days.

Lavender and Clove OMG. What a heavenly thought. and I haven't tried Pcksniff's Naughty yet - is that new?

katiedid said...

Nah, not particularly new. It's one of their less expensive body colognes. Very simple colognes. The Naughty is cumin!! It shouldn't smell good at all in the heat, but somehow it miraculously does. It's gag worthy in winter, weirdly enough!

I hear you on the patch on high humidity days. Even when it's just a touch of patch in there, it can so easily go WRONG if it's hot and humid!

Anonymous said...


Talking about being naughty, try Britney Spears Perfume. It's wild.