Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Biting Etiquette

I'm a new Second Life vampire, and barely a clan member - just an advisor. But still, because my minions are anxious to go on hunts with me, I fret over biting etiquette. So I've given this some thought.

When I was fooling around in Gor a few years ago as a physician (and for a couple weeks as a slave), I learned there are ways and means to engage people into "playing with you" which is really all about negotiating a few rules before jumping into the game. On the Laura sim (gone now, sad to say), because we had few rules and focused more on having fun together, it was not uncommon for hunters to spear unsuspecting girls on the shipyard docks and "claim" them as slaves. Ditto in the forests and shops - well, we had such a laugh over this practice and there were plenty of wars, raids, rescues, and general melee over it too -- but never did anyone EVER lose their sense of humor or fair play, simply because it was lighthearted and not bogged down in a rat's nest of rules.

But that was one sim, very well known for incredible hilarity where the unexpected was the norm. The rest of Second Life did not exist for us nor did we try to bring our flavor of RP anywhere else in SL.

Vampires however, hunt out and away from the luxury of shared sim RP culture, and need to abide by clan behaviours, and good SL practices.

First and foremost, just attempting to bite someone without permission is very rude, and an affront to them. This is an excellent way to be Abuse Reported to the Lindens. So just don't do it or you may lose your SL account! Consentual biting (lol) is much more fun anyway.

In more practical terms: if you want to RP a bite, like you are a fabulous vampire on the hunt and need victims and blood, and you see this incredibly delicious fresh meat a few meters away just "dying" to become yours........ well! Time to have a private IM about how much fun it is to role play a vampire attack, and what happens to them when bitten, etc. etc. etc. Engagement into the game is fun for the victim, if you make it that way.

Don't badger your victim. If they say no, move on. If they say maybe... worlds of possibilities open up and they are all fun. Do you want a minion, someone lieged to you? Do you want a blood doll? Do you want a one-night stand? Or a lover, a friend, someone to hunt with? What about the other person -- does any of this sound interesting to him/her? If your "victim" has even the slightest interest, turn that interest into positive thinking about the Bloodlines game. But if your "victim" is just saying nonononono..... do him or her a favor, and explain the use of the garlic necklace. Maybe even buy one for him or her. Be cool and help him out so he doesn't get victimized by vampires who have no manners...........

My friend StoneCoal tells me he HATES bloodlines because some guy insisted over and over that he would die unless he bit him. Worse: Stone's gf agreed with the guy, putting Stone into a really nasty corner. Now you can't even mention the word "bite" without Stone going into a hell of a diatribe... and now he's even more furious because I explained about the Forever Protection Amulet! I'm gonna get him a garlic necklace this week just so he calms down a little LOL

Anyway, back to biting etiquette: If somebody declines your bite, you probably didn't tell them everything they need to know about the Bloodlines game. So make a list of all the positive qualities of the game, and what you enjoy about it. Read up on all the information so you know what to say when they ask a question like: will I die if I don't bite anyone? Armed with that info and list, you are a walking, talking, vampire with an awesome charisma, utterly irresistible!! and just like a real vampire :)

Yours in bitemarks,
Lucia, aka Apollonia Corleone

Biting: Where and How

Raidon, my beloved minion from Isreal, loves to hunt. We travel around SL together, him working the ladies and me working the men, having fun being vampires. My new minion Nadia wants to join us and I'm betting she winds up with more men *and* women chasing her to be bitten, than her chasing them. She's just sooo sexah.

King Holes of the Nocturnal Endeavors Horde is probably the best vampire instructor in SL. But because I love to write, I will babble a bit about what Raidon and I do on our hunts:

1. We go to clubs, and dance and participate with everyone in the club, spilling our personalities into the mix of people already enjoying themselves there. We pave the way for communications in IMs and in open chat because as people become comfortable with who we are, and that we are funloving vampires, friendly, enjoying ourselves and others -- they begin to experience interest in vampirism. It is also an ideal environment to let all negativity out into open chat, so we can dispell these evil ghosts of vampires past -- letting people know that not all vampires are assholes! LOL When you do this, people will IM you, complaining bitterly about vampires who wanted to bite without asking them first, or asking questions about you personally or about Bloodlines. Go with the flow!! You are making a friend who will probably be a future minion.

2. Remember that avatars must be 30 days or older in order to be bitten -- so, welcome centers and telehubs are not going to work out very well. With that in mind, Raidon and I frequent the freebie/noob stores, where avis can get boxes of clothing and toys free or for very few lindens. I have found that avis who frequent noobie/freebie stores do tend to be open minded: open to new inventory and new ideas. Here is where you meet many avis who are 30 days+ but new enough to SL to be adventurous, playful, and not already engaged in Gor or some other RP situations. In other words, they're ripe :)

So think about it, what is the best way to make a friend at a freebie store? Offer to show them a better freebie store! Or, give them a few lindens or a toy, and be sure to ask them about what they enjojy most in SL. Pretty soon, you are describing the Bloodlines game and how much fun it is to be a vampire, and showing them the Liquid Designs sim. Be sure to talk about all the options, from becoming a blood doll, to being a full vampire, and what constitutes the game itself. (I remember talking to Raidon about the three ways to "win" at Bloodlines and before I could finish my sentence about rank, he was on the site looking up Generational Rank and asking me how to get to Level 6. LOL)

3. Your friends are your best minions. It's good to find fresh victims but don't forget your long suffering friends who nursed you through your Gorean phase, your mafia wounds, and your Toxian dramas. Tell them you're into being a vampire now, and want them to come with you. (My close RL friend Marcus, who is also in SL, asked me if he had to leave Gor! I said "No you can be a vampire *and* gorean master and bite all your slaves!" -- he said YIPPEE and how much owning his slaves' souls meant to him!) So go get your friends and let them have some fun too. Marcus literally swooned when I bit him because we're such good friends -- and it was very cool and meaningful for both of us. I can just imagine how he's going to RP biting his slaves, who he truly loves RL and SL. It's going to be wonderful for all of them.

4. Shopaholics are interesting victims but beware of the gothic shops. If you go into the goth/vampire stores and scan, you'll find everyone there is already bitten or somehow involved. But try scanning Halloween and landscaping/gardeneng stores - this being October! Everyone is interested in vampirism, but not necessarily already a vampire. This is a great month to go hunting for victims to RP with wherever there is some "October-ish" fun. Hunt the search key/events for Halloween parties, autumn festivals, and ghost stories. Here is where you'll find more fun-loving people who might be willing to join the game -- and big big bonus: if you RP the bite to co-incide with the location, people will watch and want to play -- and you may just get more than one victim. :)

Have fun!! If you think of more Where and How ideas -- please reply in a comment!! Let's get some ideas rolling here..........

Yours in bitemarks,
Lucia, aka Apollonia Corleone

How to Roleplay

Last night at a meeting of the Elders, someone asked the question, "What is the best way to roleplay?" Well I have some experience with this so -- bear with me, I'm gonna write some more LOL

Roleplay is a serious performance medium. It's acting! There is only one minor difference between RPing and method acting, and that is that for RPing, the actor is responsible for the story line. This means you, as an actor, carry the full weight of making it interesting RP - or boring RP.

  • You are given a stage and for us, it's Second Life...

  • There are other players to interact with in RP.

  • You must make or abide by a few basic rules (generally speaking, they are about (1) RP etiquette, and (2) maintaining a specific theme).

  • Other than that -- it's all up to you.

How to RP:

1. Create your character - and make it richly detailed:
  • Make your character believable (a few flaws, a quirk or two, a hobby, etc)
  • Give your character some history and a past.

  • Bring your character to life using favorites such as favorite color, beer, writer, movie... in other words, give your character some likes and dislikes - in sum, build a rounded character that you can mine for interesting RP later on.

  • 2. Reveal your character in RP. Don't read from your character description, or expect people to read your profile in order to understand your character. Talk and walk like him, play him out, reveal him over time. You do this using:
  • Dialogue (type full sentences)

  • Voice (when using voice in SL - use a dialect or accent)

  • Expressions (emotes can be useful!)

  • Sentences that tell what you are doing, thinking, and being.

  • /me mumbles, "I am feeling a deep thirst, one I may not be able to control."
    Raidon, bent over and tying his boot, grins, Apollo! I am thinking of going on a hunt, do you want to come with me?
    /me glides to her feet and smiles, "Just in the nick of time. Let's Goooooooooo!"

    (What is that "/me" you are thinking... in Second life, when you type /me, it is replaced by your name! This is for RP purposes. Try it!)

    The richer your description, the better the RP. It is that simple. People love to envision stories.. you want to feed them visual imagery. What are you doing, what are you wearing, where are you going, what does it look like, what did it sound like, how did you sound, taste, smell, look.... get really SENSUAL about your senses and the RP will be awesome.

    How do I go out of character for a minute? Use parentheses (like this), or use IM's. But never EVER just jump out of character and spill your real self into a RP situation.

    3. Create story. This is as easy or challenging as you choose. You can "ride the RP' and be a bystander, listening and going about your business, or you can jump in and get messy LOL

    When you create story, you are giving your character something to chew... give him a quest, a challenge, a magical ability - and share it with the RP group. For example, you - a vampire - have always yearned for a trip to your homeland in old Russia, and to this end, you have obtained notice of a vessel that is leaving for the homeland in six days's time. Unfortunately, vampires are not allowed aboard Royal Merchant Ships and so you are busy devising some way to stow aboard. Wow that's a lot of storyline!! What are you making/plotting, and is it magic? does it involve biting anyone? Reveal your story by telling it in RP as you act it out. Others will jump in and twist and turn your story for you -- and that is what RP is all about.

    4. Make GOOD RP. What is good RP? It is filled with story, enriched by others, interesting to play and to listen to, and takes the group into the next story -- that is, it is memorable enough to be a reference or jumping off point for sub-plots and future RP.

    It is not unusual for people to thank you for "good RP" when a scene has finished. When that happens, everyone wants more, and your friends you RP with become forever woven into your Second Life.

    Yours in bitemarks,
    Lucia, aka Apollonia Corleone