Thursday, August 18, 2005

Comparing Two Carnation Perfumes

CdG Carnation on the left wrist. JAR Diamond Waters on the right wrist. It's been 30 minutes.

It's not easy to tell them apart. However, I detect just a hint more clove in the CdG, and a smidgeon of jasmine in the JAR. The JAR also seems to have a very slight blend of oppoponax into it.

The CdG is an overall impression of Red Carnations and cloves, and has a very slightly soapy quality. The JAR is an overall impression of White, or more subtle Carnations -- and Oppoponax. It has no soapy quality whatsoever.

If I bring my nose out and away from my arm to catch only the sillage, they are identical except one seems warmer (the CdG) and JAR has a church incense vibe.

If I bring my wallet to the store to buy them, the CdG Carnation is in the $100 range, and the JAR Diamond Waters is in the $800 range. I guess it all depends on how much you want to spend, and whether or not you prefer soapy or incensy carnations!

FOUR HOURS LATER: The JAR has turned into a barely detectible light floral with hints of carnation and opoponax. It is not a "carnation" fragrance at this point. The CdG is just as strong as when I first applied it (LOL). And true. Steady as she goes!



katiedid said...

Well I suppose this will certainly be great news for those who dream of being able to afford those JARs, certainly. That's a lot of money to drop for the average person, that's for sure. The CdGs are not so cheap either, but in comparison it starts to sound much more affordable. Well, I should also admit that the CdG sounds a bit more appealing to me, too, from your descriptions.

Atreau said...

I should do a side by side as well of the two but I really like CDG Carnation and think I may cave on it, perhaps for fall. Why do I always fall in love?

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